Social Media Marketing

Why social marketing? How does it help?


We are in the world where social media don’t just help us communicate, – they encourage us to generate new connections and inspirations between us we have not seen otherwise. Their existence is something you can’t ignore, when it comes to anything people bare or perceive. So is the marketing strategy.

Once you are done with your content, we’ll translate it into perfect and natural Japanese. What you need to think about is how to leverage the effects of SEO. Our translations and localizations are fully customizable in terms of market research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You might ask “Why do I need to throw another pitch just after finishing my website localization?” The answer is that SEO works by harnessing a bunch of factors that search engine providers (in our case, Google) count on. When one factor shows good performance, Google says “good job” and adds points to your score. You’ll never make it to the top of search results page the second after you publish an article or a webpage.

Normally your page rank goes up over time. It may take at least 1-2 weeks and, depending on how numerous and how strong your competitors are, may take a month or more. Let’s ask the kids what they want to do when they see their rank go up steady and slowly. Their answer will be simple: make it faster!

You can do that, but spam is not welcome at this point. We’re talking about “adding some magical spice” to our ready-to-eat food. Good social media marketing harmonizes with organic search engine optimization. Now the question becomes: which spices do you need to add?

First, let’s see what kind of dish you’re preparing. Yes, you are preparing a food that Japanese customers are eager to taste. It often should be Japanese food such as suchi, udon, yakisoba, sukiyaki, or ramen… but what must be emphasized here is that you can’t just promote your product or service in Japan by using your local agency, or by yourself.

Chances are they don’t know what Japanese love the most. The answer is simple: you should hire the best cook, one who has plenty of experience and knowhow in the Japanese market.

When your content is read by more and more Japanese, it gives them more chances to share, refer to, or comment on the content. Back-links are crucial to your article’s ability to boost your ranking, because they are one of the indicators that show your article or web page is something reliable and supported by other people.


What we use when doing social marketing


Please note that all our promotions are 100% aligned with the Japanese market and trends. We’re your first choice if you want to boost your Japanese-optimized content, service, or product. If you haven’t translated your words into Japanese, check this page first.


World-wide social media:


  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


Japan-based social media/web services/websites:


  • Mixi
  • Line
  • Naverまとめ
  • はてなブックマーク
  • Other Japanese established websites and blogs
  • And many more…!!