Reputation Management

Have you ever wished you could erase one of your embarrassing mistakes from the past? Are you worried about some cringe-worthy pictures you uploaded ages ago on Facebook? In this world, your personal life is more visible than ever. So is your business or brand.  But what if your product has a small flaw that does huge damage to your business reputation?

A makeover requires MUCH effort and GREAT proficiency. Our advice is: refrain from doing anything that has a possibility of damaging your business reputation. Let’s face it: As long as you’re in business, you need to live with the worry and dodge any mistakes (at least critical punches) while maintaining and tracking good reviews from your customers around the clock.
What if you don’t have enough time to juggle all you need to keep your Facebook page or website clean and looking legitimate? This is when you need a professional. We analyze what people say from the customer’s viewpoint and execute the most appropriate strategy to safeguard and/or build your online reputation. Your reputation – especially as it relates to targeted keywords – will be tracked and supervised on a daily basis (and we can tailor your plan based on your preferred time frame). We can also actively contribute posts and tweet quality content of professional interest to your audience.
Knowing the right target (critical blog post comments, forums, pages, and so on) is the first step. We are well versed with the most effective types of content that should be published, including comments on other websites and reviews on established and influential platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, TripAdvisor etc. Note: some websites, including Yelp and Glassdoor, are not as widely known in Japan as they are in the U.S. If you wonder how your brand is recognized or how your business could shine in the Japanese market, try our quick reputation analysis service, which will give you a helpful overview of how your brand management is performing among your powerful Japanese competitors. After all, this is their garden (I mean OUR garden – welcome to the closed paradise!). You need something that guides you through every step and points out the right direction for your business.