Premium Japanese Translation


Our translation and localization services


We provide professional Japanese translation services. Our proven and even elegant translations include:


  • Personal/business letter translation
  • Business letter translation
  • Video translation
  • Book translation
  • App translation
  • Website translation
  • Web service translation
  • Song translation


Translation Fee


Here are the things we consider when we give you a personalized custom quote:


  • Word count
  • Difficulty and technicality
  • Whether it is in text format or image
  • Duration
  • Extra work (required research, adding tables, SEO keyword research, etc.)
  • R-rated content
  • App or any system that requires actual use


Word count


This is the basic point we take into consideration. Knowing your script’s word count gives you a rough idea of how much it costs and how long it will take. However, please note that word count doesn’t solely determines the price. Also, please note that we count every word contained within your script so if you would like to add some additional instructions, please clarify from where to where translation needs to be done.


Difficulty and technicality


We may apply an additional fee when your script consists technical terms or is considered to be content that requires a high level of understanding. In-depth topics about an industry tend to be subject to an additional fee. What this means it that we take full responsibility for any highly technical content and devote much more time to the translation process. Please contact us should you have a question about technical translation services.


Text or Image


We usually recommend our customers submit either a text file or PDF (text formats such as .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx are the most preferable). But you can also submit texts on images. In this case, please indicate that the content will be in a different format so that we may apply different pricing and time frames.


Basic price table


Translation fee and delivery duration of the completed work from English to Japanese.

Word count Price Days
100 words$5 1 day
500 words $253 days
1000 words $50
10 days
5000 words $25025 days
10000 words $50040 days
50000 words $250090 days


Express delivery option


You can apply Express option for a fee if you need to get things delivered urgently. Fees vary according to how fast you need your translation delivered. You can simply add the fee that matches your designated expedited time shown below to the base price listed above based on word count.

Word countNormal Express ($/days)Super Express ($/days)Premium Express ($/days) 
100 words $5/24hours--
500 words$5/3 days $10/2 days$20/24 hours
1000 words $10/5 days$20/2 days$35/24 hours
5000 words$20/7 days $100/2 days$180/24 hours


Behind-the-scenes: Scraping off unnecessary adjectives


We tend to chip off the adjectives that don’t need to be included in Japanese translation. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean we are going to change the idea or essence of your content you wish to convey to your crucial customers. We simply make it sound natural in Japanese that is suitable for any set purpose. Oftentimes it ends up with a little bit less word count. So don’t get surprised when you receive a shorter translation. All you need is carefully prepared and elaborately structured inside.


We have a word that covers two or three of English


It also accelerates the tendency of having less word count in Japanese.