Daily Social Media Management

Social media marketing is like throwing more wood into your fireplace. You need wood in the first place, and you need it to keep the flames burning. Same goes for websites and social media. Needless to say, having your content go viral all the time is the ideal situation. However, your content won’t go viral that easily.

So how do you maintain your social-media audience? The best habit you can cultivate right away is to manage your social media daily, then from time to time dive in with some “bombing strategies” that use especially outstanding content and a fancy appearance – namely, social media marketing.

So what do people expect from daily social media management? This is simple: that you be a nice neighbor. You see your neighbors nearly every day, even when you’re sick and tired of them. In the real world you need to deal with them, perhaps by giving them an awkward smile. On the other hand, on the Internet you can unfollow or unfriend your “neighbors” anytime. So you have to be careful about how you treat your online friends and followers.

Just imagine: every morning at 6 a.m., your next-door neighbor sticks his head out of his bedroom window and bellows out a “carefully-hand-picked” headline from the newspaper he subscribes to. If this happened, you’d probably consider moving or going to court. The lesson here is: don’t be an annoying online neighbor! Instead, play nice. Be fairly quiet and courteous most of the time, and ask for help only when you really need it.

Now we can see what to do in daily social media management. Don’t push your users to read your “authentic news”. Don’t stay too close to them. (As a matter of fact, generally speaking, Japanese tend to be overwhelmed when someone approaches them too stridently.) Keep the perfect distance between you and them while staying connected, so that in case of emergency they’ll know who to call.

When you find your neighbor’s wallet on the road, just grab it and send it to him. The essence of forging a good relationship with others doesn’t differ whether you’re offline or online.