Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The art of increasing the conversion rate is something that will remain hidden behind a thick wall if you’re unfamiliar with Japanese culture. Let’s look at some examples: In English you can say “Don’t miss it!” or “Order now!” to encourage customers to hit the order button or subscribe to your newsletter. On the other hand, in Japanese culture we take a “softer approach” to gently guide users to the most attractive offer or services. This is where direct translation or Google Translate can undermine your brand.
You can get a high conversion rate only after you have properly translated content. What does that mean? It means “accurate and flawless”. But this is not enough to make your customers feel comfortable when browsing your website. After you prepare your content the right way, you need to continuously improve your content by aiming for the highest conversion rate possible. This is when you’ll need our conversion-rate management service. We’ll give your website a flow that users can smoothly follow, as if they are fish swimming gracefully upriver, without feeling that they’re being convinced or encouraged to do so.
When you order someone to do something, they don’t do it. If you push hard, they’ll push back (and perhaps even retaliate with some karate chops. Ooops, sorry. I feel guilty that I gave you a “modified” idea of Japan). We know how to locate the position you need to be in to entertain and impress your customers. Of course, sometimes you don’t need to even fascinate them. It all depends on their situation and requirements. When they are urgent, you don’t need to play the piano or juggle. Just imagine how you feel when you need to see a doctor and your friend comes to show off what he bought his grandmother for her birthday.
Knowing your customer’s needs is the first step to raising your conversion rate. To help you with that, we perform A/B tests, send out questionnaires – of course, with some creative and appealing incentives – and track customers’ actions on your website. We have partnered with a bunch of Japaense testers who can, without prejudice, use your website or service and give feedback from the user’s point of view. We also consider where your visitors are located, how old they are, what device they use, how long they stay on your page, and the pages they bounce from.