Affiliate Management

When you want to boost your website traffic, what comes to mind? You might think of organic, long-term SEO. But don’t forget affiliate programs. There are a bunch of these you can leverage to introduce Japanese leads to your website. One good thing is about affiliates is that they tend to make their own pages and often buy your products to provide real descriptions and reviews. These add real value to their page and create a best-selling ranking – with your product or service on top of it. This gives you added authority as a by-product. The bottom line is: even when you don’t receive any traffic, it works for you.

Affiliate programs are booming in Japan. You can find affiliate websites here and there (I’m not exaggerating – literally, they are here and there). Some are well organized, and some are not. What this tells you is that the Japanese market has a crazy number of enlistees who are willing to march into one of the world’s most intense battlefields –  the Japanese market – and raise your flag. Why not make the most of them?