Advertisement Placement

Do you want to use ads to reach wider range of leads in Japan? As you might know or easily guess, we can’t talk about web marketing with Google AdWords in Japan the same way you do in your country. The thing is, depending on your purpose or situation, this tool is NOT enough to expand the potential of your paid advertising strategy.

So what should you do? Talk to us! We can offer you a number of places to place your ads that are otherwise unreachable because of Japanese market exclusivity. If you want to leverage the best opportunities, you need to KNOW what they are, what they offer, and how to contact them. Technically speaking, you don’t need to know it yourself – as long as you ask for a hand from us.

The ad spaces we offer include powerful individual blogs, well-established websites, and renowned company-owned websites. We negotiate with them to obtain the best placement and to maximize the exposure and result of your ad campaigns, all with a full understanding of your needs and purposes. When it comes to advertisement placement, communicating with the owner of the ad space is imperative. Otherwise you can’t even start posting your ad – or, worse, you’ll lose money by offering your fancy, yet unappealing ads to a low- or no-value place.

After gauging the potential of the ad spaces your potential advertisers offer and securing the best deal through mutual communication, chances are you will have another headache: preparing an effective ad that suits your ad space (size, position, visibility, etc.), target users (age, sex, interest, location, etc.), and your purpose. For instance, you may want customers to purchase your products to boost sales, or direct them to your website to read your newest blog posts and get some nice link juice.

As we’ve said, proper ad placement involves discovering as many platforms as possible – ones that offer competitive deals for your business – measuring their potential, negotiating how to collaborate, and creating great advertisements that will be seen by your leads. All these steps are covered within our range of services. It means we can go even further and deliver the best possible  ad image – one that truly grabs your targets’ eyeballs.