About GraspBuild

Welcome to GraspBuild, which is run by the company WANOZEN LLC regulated by Japanese law. Here you can find the best solutions for succeeding in Japan. We specialize in helping you to make the most of the vast Japanese market. We know how hard it is to enter the market and how complex the process is once you have made that first leap into the unknown.

If you are having difficulty with the first step, come to us with your needs rather than waiting for your prayers to be answered in, let’s say, any Japanese shrine (Yes, I believe in omnipotent Japanese gods but shrines are places to appreciate what you have, not places to wish for something you don’t have!).
Our vast and well-positioned services include translating your website into Japanese and optimizing your content for Japanese customers so that it appears professional and at the same time naturally aligned with the keywords that your targeted leads would search for on Google.
Are you looking for someone you can trust to take your business to the next level? If so, then you have come to the right place!


Our services

  • Document translation
  • Website localization
  • Web service localization
  • SEO in Japanese
  • Market research in Japanese
  • Content creating in Japanese
  • Product buying from Japan
  • Japanese video translation
  • Japanese book translation
  • Outreach mail creation in Japanese


Our focus

Our top-notch services always go beyond your expectations. We always focus on customer satisfaction. Our reputation and history tell a story of dedication every step of the way. We offer the kind of personalized and supportive relationship you would expect from the most reliable agency. When we do translation, we don’t just translate your text: We convey your voice straight to people’s hearts. When we promote your business, we don’t just throw around your product or service, we ensure that your brand value is communicated in every step of the experience, from the marketing, to the communication, and finally to the sale and follow-up.


We devote ourselves to your success. Every project (from the largest to the smallest) will be taken to the next level with the aim of best serving your business. We never hesitate in spending the extra time to conduct the necessary research to build up your web content, translate your script, or promote your service or products. All of our efforts come from our business mantra and core concept that we treat our valued customers as if they were our family members. GraspBuild is like our home; people come by and ask for help when in trouble.


Our efficiency enables our services to go beyond customer expectations. We work punctually according to your timeframe. If our offerings are not in alignment with your needs, we can provide custom services that match your project’s needs. Deliver your expectations to us and we will find the best way to achieve your goal.


What makes GraspBuild unparalleled is our solid proficiency. Backed by more than 6 years of experience in translation, e-marketing, keyword researching and building up content for websites, we will be your best choice! So far we have collaborated with clients in the industries of Forex, stock exchange consultancy, hospitals, financial planning, e-books (cloud consulting, books for kids, self-help, etc.) publishing, iPhone and Android app developers, web service providers, sellers on Amazon, retailers, wholesalers, and so on.


Our services are all designed and composed with great care to exceed our customers’ usability expectations. Have you ever felt that you needed to flip through a lengthy instruction manual and ended up with a seemingly worse understanding of the state-of-the-art product you purchased after only reading a few lines or trying to skim the contents? Features you don’t use or even notice means they don’t exist. In light of this, we have made our services easier to access than any other providers out there.